Group Classes

COVID 19 UPDATE: We are temporarily unable to schedule group classes due to social distancing issues.  Please feel free to contact us for info when CAN start again or for a private lesson (limitations).

Whether you've got a new family member that just needs to learn the basics, or an existing family member that just needs a little brushing up, we've got the class for you.  

Puppy 101: 4 Weeks, $110

*For pups 6 months & under
​Sit, Down, Coming When Called, Loose-Leash Walking, Leave it

Doggie 101: 4 Weeks, $110

*For dogs 7 months & older
Sit, Down, Coming When Called, Loose-Leash Walking, Leave it

Preparing for Baby: 4 Weeks, $110

Place command, Leave It, Back, Walking on Leash with Stroller


Level 200(Intermediate): 4 weeks, $110
Stay, MORE Loose-Leash Walking and Coming when Called, and PLACE command

Level 300(Advanced): 4 Weeks, $110
Prep for AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Evaluations 

Private Lessons

If your pup has specific issues not covered by one of our classes, or if they find it hard to focus in a group setting, then Private Lessons are for you!

1 Hour Lesson at Your Home: $70

1.5 Hour Lesson at your home: $100

Additional Lessons at Your Home: $50


Every human wants a dog they can be proud of; that they can take anywhere and know that they will be welcome.  Every dog wants a human that clearly expresses their expectations while allowing them to be a dog.  At A Joyful Dog, we pride ourselves on helping to bridge the communication gap between pups and their humans, so that they can more fully enjoy each other and their relationship.   

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Training is suspended temporarily. We apologize for any inconvenience.