​​1 Night, Regular Kennel..........$45

1 Night (Suites).......................$60

Add Daycare.........................$15/day   

8 or more nights..........10% discount 


Dog Siblings

2nd Dog, Same Kennel....$30/night

2nd Dog, Separate Kennel...$40/night

2nd Dog Daycare..................$15/Day

"I'm a dog's dog"

Overnight / Boarding for four-legged friends that want to PLAY PLAY PLAY while their parents are away. This package includes a day of Daycare and all that our Daycare includes. This is a great option for any dog that has used our Daycare, is well socialized with other dogs, and has been spayed or neutered.

Daycare inclusive pricing:

$45/night PLUS $15/day for Daycare on the days you choose (excluding Saturday and Sunday)

*Early/Late Pick-up/Drop-off ..........$15

*By reservation only, call for details

Boarding Cancellation Fee:  $45 plus tax*

          **Only charged if a Boarding Reservation is Cancelled

          LESS THAN 72 HOURS before the start of the reservation**

Oops! I forgot my food ................$1.50/cup

Additional Surcharge for Dogs Actively in Heat.....$15/day

COVID 19 Update: When dropping off for overnights, please be sure to let us know your specific times so we can be ready!  We're still offering our Curbside Valet program, so feel free to pull up parallel to the building, and give us a call to let us know you're here!  

Our valet staff will come out to bring in your little lady or gent and usher them inside safely (watch the video on our covid tab!).  Then we'll come back outside to gather all the related slumber party items like food and blankies.  

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Other Boarding Fees

"I'm a people dog"

 "Just Overnights" is a boarding option for four-legged friends that love people but not necessarily the company of other dogs. This package does not include Daycare. This is a great option for any dogs that is not used to spending time in groups with other dogs and/or dogs that have not been spayed or neutered. Although they may not participate in Daycare that does not mean that they will be alone. There is always someone here to cater to your dog's every need. This includes regular bathroom/exercise breaks throughout the day.

Just overnights pricing: $45/night


A Joyful Dog offers two distinct options for overnight boarding accommodations: 

We are UNABLE to Board four-legged Friends that:

 -Are Actively IN HEAT (it's too stressful for our un-neutered male guests!)

-Require Insulin Injections (the Vet is the best place to board our Diabetic Friends)

-Are OVER the age of 12* (We've found that the noise and activity can be a bit       overwhelming to our Super Senior Friends)


*Please Call 716-876-3647 for pre-approval for any reservations for kiddos over the age of 12**

Overnight Boarding Drop off/Pick up Windows:

Monday through Friday: 6:30am-5pm or 6:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am-2pm


Overnight Boarding Requirements:

NEW REQUIREMENT:  All Medications for our Overnight Guests must be brought in their original Pill container, or be clearly labeled with Name of Medicine and Dosage.  Please do not put unlabeled pills in with your dog's food.  

Proof of current Rabies & Distemper vaccines. We recommend having the Lepto & Kennel Cough vaccines.

 *If you do not have the Lepto and/or Kennel Cough vaccine, you are required to sign a waiver.

You are welcome to bring a copy of vet records when you drop off, or your vet can fax them to us @ (716) 794-1092