Our Outdoor Play Yards have artificial turf , which helps to

  • Eliminate the possibility of muddy paws
  • Prevent ouchies from playing on hot concrete
  • Provide traction for playing fetch

Our Outdoor Play Yards also have Year-Round Awnings to provide shade in the sun, and protection from the rain!  

It is becoming a busy time of year & we would like to make the pick up/drop off process easier for everyone. We would like the flow of traffic to be in one direction to avoid anyone getting blocked in our small parking lot. When picking up/dropping off, please pull in with your passenger side door towards the building & your vehicle facing Elmwood Ave. Thank you for your cooperation!

Our new Kennel Enclosures have Tempered Glass doors, and Smooth Paneled side and back walls.  They have built-in drains, and seals around the bottom walls, so that if you happen to spill your water bowl, you don’t have to worry about flooding your neighbor’s kennels!  They have rotating feeders that make spilling your food nearly impossible (note: this is not a challenge to our German Shepherd friends)!  They provide more privacy for our overnight guests, easier surfaces to disinfect between guests, and noise-dampening qualities for those times when EVERYONE IS SO EXCITED ABOUT POTTY BREAKS!