Miss KAREN...

knows what you're thinking all the time!  She gets us, and she knows what we love and what we need to be our best.  

What YOUR DOG Needs to Know:

Karen Delbert

Karen has been an animal lover all of her life having for the past 3 years been working in dog daycares. She holds an Associate's degree in Animal Management and has apprenticed with Victoria as a trainer for 1 year.

Meet The Experts That Will Care For Your Dog

What YOU Need To Know:

Miss Victoria... 

is the strict one!  She's obsessed with manners!  She won't give you what you want unless you ask for it nicely (by sitting politely).  

Miss Mallory...

is the softie!  She's the one most likely to sneak you a treat just for being cute, and she always has time for kisses and snuggles.  

Victoria Misuraca

Victoria comes to us with over 7 years experience in the Dog Daycare, Boarding, and Training Industry. She is tremendously respected in WNY as a premier Dog Trainer. Victoria has managed all aspects of a Dog Daycare for the past 4 years. She has developed relationships with clients, vendors, service providers, and business associations.

Mallory Johnson

Mallory actively volunteered at a No-Kill Animal shelter for 2 years before coming to Buffalo to pursue her passion for working with dogs. She brings two years of dedicated experience in Dog Daycare and a dual Bachelor's in Marketing & Management.