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​miss maria

Maria joined us in December of 2016.  She’s originally from Syracuse and came to Buffalo to study Veterinary Science at Medaille.  Maria has now completed her program and will be taking her certification test to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician this winter.  She’s been working in the Doggie Daycare world for two years now, and we’re so lucky to be able to include her in our family!  In addition to caring for our boarding guests on the overnight shift, Maria also supervises Daycare groups, and provides Customer Service at our front desk.  Maria’s conscientious attention to detail and genuine affection for ALL the babies comes across to every dog in our care, and helps immediately put them at ease.  Maria can also be found working as a Vet Assistant at Lancaster Small Animal Hospital.  Maria’s children include Margarita the Cat, and Miles, an energetic young pup who likes to make sure everyone in daycare is playing and not just laying around!  

​​miss amy

Amy joined us in August of 2016. Amy has known that she wanted to work with animals since she was 7 years old.  Before coming on board with us, Amy majored in Animal Behavior at Canisius College, with a minor in Anthrozoology.  This program allowed her to study the role that Zoos play in conservation, and also allowed her to travel to Algonquin Park, where she had the opportunity to study animals like wolves and moose in their natural habitats.  Amy supervises Daycare playgroups and often helps out with our overnight boarders.  Amy always puts the safety of the kids in our care above all else, and has really proven herself to be a firm-but-fair nurturer to the kiddos here.  Amy’s favorite movie is the Lion King; she can often be seen holding puppies up in the air like Simba.  

miss kayleena

​​Kayleena joined us in September of 2015; having worked previously at a pet store.  Kayleena supervises Daycare groups, and she has really absorbed a tremendous amount of information about canine body language and group dynamics.  She’s cultivated her “mom” voice, and although she’s physically small, she’s really mastered keeping the kiddos safe and under control at all times! Kayleena is currently in school, studying Environmental Science and Biology.  She’s always willing to help out when she can and always eager to learn.


Alexia has been with the Joyful Dog family since January of 2018.   Her previous work experience with animals includes working as a Kennel Attendant at a Veterinary clinic, as well as internships at a Zoo, and a Horse Farm!  Alexia is currently a student at Canisius College, with a double major in Biology and Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation.  While her academic journey has taken her more in the ecology direction, joining our family has allowed her to tie back into her initial love of furry, four-legged friends.  Alexia has a busy little Australian Cattle dog named Lucy and a mellow older Cocker named Lilly, as well as a cat named Cleo.  Alexia has been sitting in on our training classes, supervising the playgroups in Daycare, and also assisting clients at our Front Desk.  Alexia is also spear-heading some initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of our business!  We love her patient care for the kiddos and her thoughtful approach to how we can grow and improve.  

miss samantha

​Samantha joined our family in February of 2015.  Although she had no previous professional animal experience, she had a genuine love for dogs that you could spot a mile away. Samantha supervises Daycare Groups, bathes, does nail trims, and helps with the overnight pups on Sundays.   Her constant enthusiasm and affection for the kiddos in our care escapes no one’s attention.  The pups go crazy when she comes in!  Samantha always makes sure that every single kid feels comfortable and gets a little extra special attention.  She’s the one you see on the webfeed, kissing your dog and giving them ALL THE LOVES.  


​Ashley is our veteran staff member; she has been with our family since October of 2014.  Ashley worked at a pet store for years before joining the AJD team, and is wealth of information about ALL animals (even the non-furry kind!)  Ashley supervises Daycare groups, bathes dogs, does nail trims, and helps with caring for our friends who are being kenneled overnight.  She has a calm energy that helps relax anxious pups, and keeps the young kiddos from getting too over-stimulated.  She knows and remembers every dog’s strengths and weaknesses and she’s the one we all turn to when we have a question about a particular kid’s personality.  

Miss Victoria... 

is the strict one!  She's obsessed with manners!  She won't give you what you want unless you ask for it nicely (by sitting politely).  

Miss Mallory...

is the softie!  She's the one most likely to sneak you a treat just for being cute, and she always has time for kisses and snuggles.  

Miss KAREN...

knows what you're thinking all the time!  She gets us, and she knows what we love and what we need to be our best.  

What YOUR DOG Needs to Know:

Victoria Misuraca

Victoria comes to us with over 10 years experience in the Dog Daycare, Boarding, and Training Industry. She is tremendously respected in WNY as a premier Dog Trainer. Victoria has managed all aspects of a Dog Daycare since 2009. She has developed relationships with clients, vendors, service providers, and business associations.

Mallory Johnson

Mallory actively volunteered at a No-Kill Animal shelter for 2 years before coming to Buffalo to pursue her passion for working with dogs. She brings years of dedicated experience in Dog Daycare and a dual Bachelor's in Marketing & Management.

Karen Delbert

Karen has been an animal lover all of her life. She has years of experience working in dog daycares, holds an Associate's degree in Animal Management, and has been training dogs since 2012.

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