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Components of a JOYFUL DAY:

-Time to Run
​-Time to Rest

-Time to Play

TIME TO RUN:  First things, first; your dog needs to burn off some of that excess energy!  We'll be sure to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle by identifying their preferred method of exercise and encouraging them to  stay active.    

TIME TO REST:  Depending on your dog's age and activity level, they may or may not take us up on our offer for some quiet downtime!  You can be assured, though, that they will always have a place to enjoy a nap if they're willing to close their eyes!  

TIME TO PLAY:  Building good social skills is one of the greatest advantages of Doggie Daycare, and the teachers at A Joyful Dog are ready to assist in that education.  While monitoring our playgroups, we will positively reinforce good play and we will intervene and correct play that is less than polite.  Your dog will learn that standing on their friends' heads, pinning their friends, and biting their friends' tails is considered rude in the Doggie world; and they'll learn it all while PLAYING!  


At a Joyful Dog, we want each dog to be comfortable, regardless of size, age, or play style.  With three separate indoor areas, and three separate outdoor areas, your four-legged friend will always be able to find the exact right spot for themselves.  

Play Spaces

Snuggle Bugs Indoors

Snuggle Bugs Outdoors

Wiggle Butts Indoors

Wiggle Butts Outdoors

Princess Suite
Man Cave

Daycare-More than just a place to go during the day

A Joyful Dog is a dog who gets regular:


A Joyful Dog is committed to providing a nurturing environment that helps each dog reach their full potential.  Your pup's school day will be structured with time for exercise, activities that challenge and stimulate them, and the opportunity to learn good manners with other people and dogs so that they can enjoy ALL of life more fully, and YOU can enjoy them even more!

Daycare Requirements:
-All dogs must be current on four vaccines; Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Leptospirosis, and Kennel Cough.
-All dogs over 7 months must be Spayed or Neutered to participate in daycare.
-All dogs over 6 months will be required to complete a FREE 20 minute evaluation prior to beginning daycare.  Evaluations can be scheduled by calling 876-3647